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Near Named Scholarship Director at the Mitchell Institute

PORTLAND, Maine — Jared Cash, President and CEO of the Mitchell Institute, announced today that Casey Near will join Maine’s premier scholarship organization as its next Scholarship Director. Among her responsibilities, Near will focus on increasing every Mitchell Scholar’s prospect for success, enhancing the wraparound supports that are a hallmark of the Mitchell Scholar experience,… Read more »

D’Amico Joins the Truc Huynh Alumni Giving Society

When it comes to joining the Truc Huynh Alumni Giving Society—i.e., paying forward the full amount of the Scholarship received—Mitchell Scholars don’t have to go it alone. Corporate matching gifts and corporate grants made to charitable nonprofit organizations can help put Mitchell Scholars over the top with contributions that match or exceed the amount of… Read more »

Mitchell Scholar and AI Entrepreneur Pierce ’09 Makes Classic Literature More Accessible with Adaptive Reader

Ethan Pierce, the 2009 Mitchell Scholar from Gardiner Area High School, Harvard University graduate, and Cambridge, Mass.-based artificial-intelligence entrepreneur, has launched Adaptive Reader, an AI-assisted platform that reinterprets literary classics into more accessible versions. So far, 14 public domain books are available through Adaptive Reader, including “Beowulf” and Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and “Macbeth.” Learn more about… Read more »

Scholars Speak Podcast: Michele Martin

For the first Scholars Speak episode of 2024, Michele Martin, the 1999 Mitchell Scholar from Scarborough High School, has some big news to share about the podcast. (Here’s a hint: This time, the 20-episode host takes a seat in the guest’s chair!) Listen up as Martin talks about her career progression with experiences at several… Read more »